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Veebo’s Wood-Fired Pizza

Ryan and Melissa Vyborny standing in front of the first pizza trailor.

Our Story

Veebo’s Pizza started in Fort Collins, Colorado. I was working as a high school social studies teacher, so Melissa and I brainstormed some ways to make extra money during the summer months. One of the ideas we had was for a hot dog stand, so we searched “concessions” on Craigslist and saw a wood-fired oven on a trailer. The idea was really cool and I wanted to go for it, but the trailer wasn’t exactly what I wanted. Instead of spending a bunch of money to pay someone to customize a trailer for me, I bought a flatbed trailer and designed it myself. I had metal fabricators in Loveland, Colorado bring the body to life, and with some help, built the oven in one weekend! We called our business “Veebo’s”. My old friends and students called me that, so it seemed appropriate! Melissa and I operated Veebo’s Pizza for one year in Fort Collins, setting up at the local breweries. It was pretty successful, but then we had our third baby and decided to move back home to Rockford, Illinois. Veebo’s gets busier every year in Rockford and we’re so happy to be serving the great people of our home town. Please come out and say hi next time you see us around!

-Ryan & Melissa Vyborny

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